Instan Scan to PDF File Using WIA Canon MP160

How to scan to pdf instantaneously using Scanner Device? Scanner is a scanning device for one of the input devices on a computer, which is a tool that functions to duplicate objects like a photocopier into digital form.

Step by step how to scan file into PDF using Scanner Device?

In today's tips, we will provide various ways to scan to pdf instantly using the MP160 printer and scanner. For that, follow the steps below carefully.
Scanner WIA Canon MP160 is scanner hardware device built in with Canon MP160 Printer. This type of scanner are multipurpose, you can scan and capture picture, image or photo that was you place on device, directly scan and save it to pc automatically, direct scan and attach it automatically using microsoft office outlook/outlook express, or custom scan as you like.

In this article, we will showing to you how to scan an images, pictures, photos and any document you want to scanning and save it automatically just only with one click.

Device, tools, software and substance requirement:

  1. Scanner WIA Canon MP160. This scanner are built in with Canon MP160 Printer, so this is two device all in one and called as Canon PIXMA MP160 ALL-IN-ONE PHOTO PRINTER.
  2. Scanner driver or driver program, in this case WIA MP160 scanner driver that is MP Navigator.
  3. Pictures, images, photos or documents that you want to scan over the Canon MP160 scanner.
This all operation including operating system, scanner driver running on windows operating system. Before doing this operation you must already has installed the right of WIA Canon MP160 scanner driver on your type windows operating system.

Here are the how to scan images, photos, or any document just only with one click using WIA Canon MP160:
  1. Put your images, pictures, photos or any document that you want to scan on scanner device.
  2. Run MP Navigator from your desktop or start menu program, like shown on below navigator scanner driver mp160
  3. According to above picture, there are explicit number one and two, you just short on the right side of the main menu that imaging with mouse picture and then choose Save as PDF file menu, look at the above picture again.
  4. After you choose Save as PDF file menu, scanner will immediately scan, capture, cropped and save it automatically any images, pictures, photos, or any your documents. Scanner will also immediately. Look at the picture below for detail progress.scan to pdf mp160save scan to pdf scan mp160 pdf
  5. Scanning and saving as PDF file as the result of scanning are complete and you can open your pdf file from scanning and enjoy with your pdf file.

Every scanner or all in one printer device with a scanner can usually be used to scan to pdf using the scanner driver provided by the company. Happy working with the scanner.

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