How to Recover Deleted Files Using Recover My Files

It is not a secret anymore, that we can easily recover deleted files by using the help of backup and recovery software. So, on this occasion, we will share one of the best backup and recovery software, namely Recover My Files

At the beforehand article about the best backup and recovery software for backup and recover your files on your usb flash before format it using recovery data software tools. 
Well, in here i was tried and tested one of the most effective and top ten recovery data software review for recover my file from hard drive and usb flash disk. That recovery data software is Recover My Files. This software has on the ranking number 2 on top ten software review

How to Recover Deleted Files Using Recover My Files.

We has tried using Recover My Files with version 3.84 for recover my data. There are four option recovery wizard, that is:
  1. Fast File Search.
  2. Complete File Search.
  3. Fast Format Recover.
  4. Complete Format Recover
Note: You can try every mode operation according to your demand and needed.

Here are step by step recover data or files any type using Recover My Files:

Firstly you must have and installed Recover My Files software on your computer and plug and play your usb flash if you want to recover data or files from usb.

When the program has installed and ready to use, just run this software over from desktop or from start menu program. At the beginning, the software will shown you in mode wizard. It’s will guide you step by step, just following the wizard if you are have not experience using this recovery software.

We will showing to you with recovery wizard using Complete File Search:

recover my files recovery softwareLooking at the above picture, through the wizard choose Complete File Search and then press Next Button. Just wait for second it will appear to you new windows that conform to you which where the source drive you want to be recover. And then press Next Button

recover deleted files
On the below picture are step number 3, that is optionally type file you want to find and recover it. In this session you can choose the type of file you want to find, search and recover using Recover My Files. For example if you just only find, search and recover word document just select type as file document. And if you want to find, search and recover all of files on your drive, so choose all type of files in this window. After choose type of file, to the next step of recovery wizard press Next Button.
type file to recovery
Step number four from recovery wizard using Recover My Files is searching and finding deleted files on your drive that has been you choose. Here is the progress of scanning drive to find files that was lost.
recovery backup files progress
After scanning to find and searching file according to the step number three are completed, Recover My Files will shown to you files that was found it. In this step you can select and getting check on the drive or choose some file you need to be recover like on marking the below picture.
recovery files result
The final step is saving files to drive.backup and recover files folder

Be careful when doing backup or recover deleted files. This is related to data safety, so try to check again carefully before you decide to recover one or more files. I hope this helps

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