How to File and Printer Sharing For LAN Connection

How to File and Printer Sharing For LAN Connection? File sharing is the activity of sharing or providing data access to digital media on the internet to others. The data that is shared can be very diverse, ranging from computer programs, documents, electronic books, or multimedia (images, video, and audio). 
We all know that we can sharing any device including printer, file or document over internet connection and of course on local area connection. With in share device such as printer and share file or document all user over your LAN connection will stay in touch any device and document went they needed. 

Step By step File and Printer Sharing for Lan Network

To do this action we must to setting up we have home and small office network on network and internet connection. How to do this? Here are step by step to create home and small office network for share device printer and share any document according to the your demand.

  1. Open your Control Panel, you can run control panel, from start menu windows and choose control panel. For easy mode you must run control panel menu as Category View not in Classic View. Below is Control panel menu as Category View and then choose Network and Internet Connectionscontrol panel
  2. From the Network and Internet Connections, choose tab menu that called Setup or change your home or small office and internet connection
  3. And then will shown to you window to setup your computer to run on your network, so you can share printer device and file or document according to your demand. Here is the window that named network setup wizardnetwork setup wizard
  4. From window Network Setup Wizard, it will guide you for creating home or small office network on your local area connection. So just following the wizard by clicking the Next Button. Just in second it will shown to you new window that contain confirmation help and support about Steps for creating a home or small office network . Form more detail you can short and click on the checklist for creating network link.creating lan network
  5. Imaging above picture on the step number 4 are the real window, just click on the Next button. Just in a few second it will appear to you the new window for select a connection methode. You just only select option number two such as below picture:connection method lan
  6. After choose option number 2, follow the step and click Next, and then appear window to give a description and name of your computer network. After you give your compter description and name that you are being home and small office network (but, you just enough to give the name of this computer and leave blank on the description. For easy identifying this computer and others computer give the same name with identify number, for example GAME1, GAME2 upto count of computer on your network. To the next step click Next.....file and printer sharing on lan
  7. The next phase is give the name of your network. You should give the same name of your network for each computer on your local area connection. For example in you local area connection is for playing game, lets give the name of your network by type Game. That name should be also will use for each computer on your local area connection for playing game.create network lan
  8. This the eight step, in this windows gve you option for turn on/off file and printer sharing on your network. If you won’t to share your printer or your file or you will share it later, just choose turn off file and printer sharing.creating lan group
  9. On the next step will shown to you if the network is ready to apply on your local area connection.apply network settings
  10. Click Next step and will shown to youlan nework setting
  11. For at least one minute, will shown to you the final step. On this step there are four option, however you just choose option number four that is Just finish the wizard; I don’t need to run the wizard on other computers.lan network setup wizard
  12. Click Next step and network setup wizard are completing and click Finish and it will be required to restart your computer for completing setup and running your home and small office network for file and printer sharing from and to each computer over your local area connection.finish lan network setup

That is how to setting up file and printer sharing over your local area connection. There are several File and Printer Sharing Methods that you can use besides the Local area connection, including the following:
  • Storage device that can be moved (portable).
  • World Wide Web based on hyperlink documents.
  • Installation of a centralized file hosting server network.
  • Peer-to-peer (P2P) network.

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